Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens) sėklos - 10 vnt (#537)

Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens) sėklos - 10 vnt (#537)

Prekės kodas: #537
Prieinamumas: Parduota
Peržiūrėta kartų: 6242

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This majestic evergreen conifer is the tallest tree in America and popular for landscaping in the far western United States. Famous for its red, rot-resistant wood, it is native to the Pacific Coast of northern California and extreme southern Oregon. It rapidly develops a tall, narrow, pyramidal habit with slightly drooping branches lined with deep green, small, flattened needles. The buttressed trunk is sheathed in spongy, reddish brown, fire-resistant bark. Small, reddish, pendulous cones are carried at the branch tips.
It is prone to suckering at the base, especially if the tree is limbed up, so it is advisable to keep the low branches unpruned. In younger trees, the lower branches may obscure the attractive bark, but have patience; as the tree grows and matures, its trunk will become more and more visible.
Redwoods feed off the duff layer with a very wide, fibrous network of surface roots which can be vulnerable to overheating. The dense, shallow roots also can also spread aggressively and make garden planting difficult. Consider this a fine shade and screen tree for very large areas. It is happiest in spacious groves of three to five with irrigation and a thick layer of mulch.
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Gentis - Sequoia
Rūšis - Sempervirens
Pavadinimas - Redwood
Spec. paruošimas - Būtinas
Klimato zonos - 7 - 9
Aukštis - 21 - 111 m
Plotis - 6 - 15 m
Augalo tipas - Tree
Vegetacijos tipas - Evergreen
Augimo vieta - Full Sun, Partial Sun
Augimo greitis - Greitas
Dirvos PH - Acis, Neutral
Dirvos tipas - Loam, well drained
Drėgmės poreikis - Average Water
Naudojimas / paskirtis - Feature Plant, Shade Trees, very Fast growing
Lapų / žiedų spalva - Dark Green / --

Before sowing, it might be useful to place the seeds a couple of days to a couple of weeks in the fridge. When you sow them at last and place them in a warm place (like on the radiator of your heating system), the seeds "think" winter's over and the time to germinate has come.
Sow on the surface - the seeds need to be in (intense) contact with the moist soil, so you need to press them softly into the compost. The seeds are quite susceptible to drought. You can put a glass plate or some plastic foil over the pot, but you have to be careful not to kill them by making things too wet. Small germinated sequoias die rather easy because of overwatering.
To keep the ground moist but not wet, it's ideal to use a garden sprayer instead of a watering can.
You can sow them all year round, but because the plants in temperate regions like Europe will grow best in summer, it might be best to do the sowing in (early) spring.
How long does it take the seeds to germinate?
Seeds have a very low rate of germinating. If a few from some twenty to fifty seeds germinate, you're already successful.
The seeds germinate at the earliest a couple of days after sowing, but still can after months. Don't think things will not work out: patience is a virtue!
More information on growing and care:

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